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Financial Goals for the Coming Week

March 18th, 2006 at 09:22 am

1. Other than milk and bread, I will not spend any money on groceries or eating out. Oh and I have to pick up a strudel for my son's social studies project. (He needs to bring in some food that represents his cultural background. The fact that my German grandfather spoke worse German than I did and prefered store bought cookies to strudel is not really relevant. lol) Really my family and his father's family has been here so long we don't know very much about our cultural background. I could just say, "You're Canadian" and send him in with donuts and back bacon and beer. Smile

2. I will finally submit the information to get the Canadian government to kick in 20% toward my daughter's Registered Education Savings Plan. I have been putting this off for too long.

3. I will send away for the last of the information I need in order to do my taxes. This includes contacting Queens University for my education and tuition deduction for a course I took last summer, and contacting the Ontario College of Teachers to see what I paid in membership fees last year. Then I will complete and send in my income tax return. I am estimating my return to be about $1000 (which I will add to my emergency fund).

4. I will try to see if I can afford to increase my mortgage payment by 20% each month. If it seems a little tight, then I will review it again in 6 months. It may make more sense to put more money into my emergency fund for now. Thankfully, I am able to pay off my credit card debt every month.

I don't know why I've been procrastinating about numbers 2 and 3. Just laziness, I guess.

I can and will do this!!!

4 Responses to “Financial Goals for the Coming Week”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    Isn't it funny which things we procrastinate on?? I have some things on my list too, that aren't really difficult and actually have a positive outcome if I would get them done......... Good to read your positive TO DO list. Gave me some much needed motivation this AM

  2. scottish girl Says:

    You are really positive! I'm looking forward to reading your next entries to see how you're getting on.

  3. SingleMom Says:

    Good luck achieving your goals! I know how hard it can be.

  4. Monica Ricci Says:

    Procrastation is a weird thing. We all do it to a degree, and for different reasons. Also, we all procrastinate in different areas of our lives. I suspect it's all somehow based in fear at its core. Trying to determine fear of WHAT is the key perhaps. Good luck with these four items! ~Monica

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