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Cha-Ching! Tax Refund!

April 3rd, 2006 at 06:39 am

Woohoo! $1,622!

I put $622 into my "fun money" account, and divided the rest as follows:

Household Maintenance Account: $100
Emergency Fund: $450
Mortgage Prepayment Fund: $450

Of course, my ex has not yet given me the child support cheque yet, but that should be coming soon too.

And I had budgeted $10 to take the puppy to the vet in a cab, but decided to walk him instead this morning, and so I saved that money. Smile

Also, recently I've become aware of something else that seems normal to me and weird to many others. I get paid once a month and I am always amazed at the number of people who are in awe that I manage to live that way. I didn't realize I had such self-control.

7 Responses to “Cha-Ching! Tax Refund!”

  1. Brittany Says:

    Thats great! It sounds like you are putting a lot of money away. Keep it up! Have you read the Richest Man in Babylon? Great book!

  2. contrary1 Says:

    I too have been paid monthly for decades. It doesn't seem odd to me, we just got used to this way. But, you're right..........people are amazed when they find out there is only that 1 check!!

  3. veronak Says:

    I am paid only twice a month and I actually like it, you save way more than yu would if one was paid weekly...Congrats on your savings Smile

  4. Single Mom Extraordinaire Says:

    I haven't read The Richest Man in Babylon, but I think I should.

    I really like getting paid 1x per month. I like to section off huge saving chunks at a time.

  5. donna jean Says:

    Since I went back to school full-time, I get paid 2 times a year for the past two years. Now that has taken some discipline when before I was always barely making it the two-weeks between paychecks.

    Basically, I get 6 months worth of money and put it into savings. I then figure all monthly expenses and set a monthly "income" amount that covers everything and I "get paid" once a month when I transfer that set amount from savings to checking. Once the amount in checking is gone, it's gone, and I have to wait for the next "pay check" to show up (that's only happened once so far).

  6. Mich Says:

    Where have you gone with all that money!

  7. Jenny Says:

    WOW! I love this blog! I really wish I found you a few months back! This will be great encouragement that I need to be better with my own money!! WOOHOO! Thanks! Great job on this blog! I love it.

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